Langdon Beck Hotel

Just spent the weekend at the Langdon Beck Hotel for Dad's wedding reception. Only a stones throw from High Force, the highest waterfall in the country, this place is really the dream. Roaring log fires in the bar, hearty grub, great beer, a geology/education room whose walls are lined with mineral samples in wood and glass cabinets, a complete collection of National Geographics going back to the Sixties and a 'top shelf' consisting of single malt as far as the eye can see. Friendly staff (thanks again!) and amazing location too. Some pictures from the trip (thanks again to Mrs PR):

The 'Beck in 1934 - hasn't changed since. Incidentally my great grandparents spent their honeymoon here in 1939. They were due to go to Blackpool but then the war broke out so they stayed a bit more local.

Book at my Grandad's house.

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