35mm [XI]

Wales, Aug 17 - Portland (UK), Oct 17 - London, Dec 17



If you're reading this, it's too late. Stüssy smashed it with this collab. Killer lookbook too.



via Albion.

Fun fact; I rode 500k in 36 hours from London to the family pile a couple of month ago. Broke my knees a bit, and my Garmin, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


His 'n' Hers

Partner-look 2-pack watch caps via the JJJJound Shoppe.


Schwartzwald &c.

The story goes that my great uncle used to carry the receipt for his Voigtländer Vito BL with him when he and my great aunt travelled to Europe on extended cycling tours. The camera was originally purchased in 1959 or 60, in Germany, and the first time he brought it back into the UK he had to pay import duty on it. On subsequent trips he would take the receipt to prove to UK customs that he'd owned it for years, and that he didn't need to pay duty again. Sadly the receipt is lost without trace, but I'm lucky enough to have inherited the camera itself. Nearly 60 years after it was originally purchased, I took it with me on holiday to Freiburg in Southern Germany, taking in bits of the Black Forest and the Alsace, in August this year, and shot a roll of Portra 400.


North Wales

G and I lined up a gap in our schedules and took 6 days out bikepacking in North Wales. Now that I'm back, I sure miss waking up at dawn to brew the camp coffee. I sure don't miss putting wet shoes on each morning for 4 days straight.



The boys at Vanguards are doing really great stuff. It's probably easier to let them explain in their own words what they're up to, so head over to their just-launched Kickstarter to help their Issue 2 dreams become reality.