" Field "

The first season from Kinoko. More at kinokostore.com.



@spencercbrown has been a longtime favourite insta. Lots of 35mm with all the lush colours, fades, light leaks etc. And bikes. The disposable camera fanclub No Life Like This Life have just posted a roundup of some of Spencer's favourite photos. Take a look and have a click round while you're there.



Chinon 35EE Rangefinder, Portra 400.

Vancouver - Portland - Hwy 101 - San Francisco - Yosemite - Big Sur - Hwy 1 - LA - San Diego


Modernism in the Mountains

Last month I talked to Max (Leonard, writer) and Camille (McMillan, photographer) about their self-published book Bunker Research, for the Kinoko Journal. Have a gander.


35mm [IX & X]

Shot these on a different camera to the usual Olympus Trip 35 - a Chinon 35EE. Turns out it has some light leak issues and seems like it doesn't deal with very bright sunlight at all well. Shame, as the lens seems pretty good and it's a rangefinder so you know you got the focus spot on. The first roll here is expired drugstore stuff, the second is Portra 400 (lush) and as the same trip spans both rolls I thought I'd bundle them together in one post.

Paris buying trip w/ Kinoko - Beelitz + Berlin w/ Miss PR + Fam - ride to West Wittering beach w/ G + Miriam - general hangs.