Bon Voyage

I bought my first proper, albeit old, road bike just under a year ago - I was doing longer and longer road rides, and I needed something more than my fixed gear. I had my heart set on a 1982 Raleigh Rapide (for some reason) and scoured classifieds and ebay until I found one in my budget and size. It had everything I was looking for; Reynolds 531 frame with classic geometry and horizontal TT, Brown bar tape & saddle, mint green paint job and even a sprinkle of Campy. I've had some good times on that bike, and I feel that the perverse experience of doing big rides and maintaining an outdated bike has taught me things about riding, about bikes and about myself, man, that have been hugely valuable.

But - almost inevitably - my riding has outgrown the limitations of a 30+ year old bike. I've upgraded - more on that later - and I'm slinging the Rapide back on ebay, in order for it to reveal some universal truths to its next owner.

I took it out for a quick spin and a glamour shoot today, so thought I might as well pop a few pics on here as a bit of a eulogy. Chapeau little Rapide!


  1. Mmn that colour does things to me! Hope your new ride is even nicer.

    1. Yup I've got a thing for peppermint! The new ride is VERY new - even has disk brakes, but has less patina at the moment!