Team Jersey

Admit it, who wouldn't want a customised cycling top with their own blog name and URL printed across it? Thought so. May I present to you the Pastoral Review 2013 Team jersey:

I've had it produced by Eclipse Cycling; a Chinese company who make custom cycling kit with no bulk order necessary. The price was reasonable too so I thought it was worth a punt. I drafted the design and submitted it via Eclipse's and awaited a response. After a few days they got back in touch with proofs of the final design which honestly was a little worrying in quality but I figured it was just due to the way the graphics were rendered on their rather fancy web-based design editor thing. I sent through some better quality versions of the logos, made payment and crossed my fingers...

The finished jersey finally arrived with me about 9 weeks after kicking off the process but this seems pretty reasonable given the nature of the job and the shipping time from the other side of the world. And yesterday, when with trembling hand I opened the parcel I found a beautiful custom cycling jersey! I'll let the images do the talking, but needless to say I'm pretty happy. The fit is good, if slightly on the short side for me, the quality of the printing is spot on and the general finish is great. The jersey worked out at only £28 including shipping, so pretty amazing value really. Of course the designation as 'Team' jersey is really a bit of a misnomer. There is no team, and theres actually only one jersey.

For anyone who's interested, I used Adobe Illustrator to produce the logos and submitted them as hi-res tiffs (with transparent background) and as vector-based pdfs. I am indebted to Jez Andrews of Following The Chainline for his great review of Eclipse and advice on this. Also, thanks go to Mrs PR for the photos.

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