A top tip from my girlfriend's sister in Cologne took me to Manufactum. This place is PERFECTLY edited; a treasure trove of heritage brands, quality apparel, hardware, homeware, food & drink. The Cologne store is beautifully laid out, and I barely knew where to look first. We're talking Filson, Redwing, Opinel, Schiesser, as well as incredible own brand stuff and a ton of premium niche products like sandals made by monks and genuine-horn shoe horns. Basically this is stuff that you will still have when you're 80, having acquired a perfect patina, to be coveted by your grandchildren. Every single product is and heirloom or antique of the future. I want to buy a log cabin and get everything I need for my new life from this shop. I want to work here and be initiated into the zealous, cult-like shop floor team (in Berlin they banged a gong when the shop was closing to get me to leave - weird).

You can imagine, then, how excited I am that there's a UK online store too, oh, and a great catalogue that you can pick up in store. I seriously can't recommend this place enough. Should have taken my own photos though, these are from Life Time Gear of the Frankfurt store.

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