As you can imagine, I'm pretty happy about le Tour result, and just as happy about how much of a worthy winner Bradley Wiggins is turning out to be. Not only is he clean & opinionated, the man is a real gent, with his own sense of style that goes beyond the lurid lycra that he wears on the road and a respect for the history and nostalgia of cycling as a sport. Note in the picture above, the wayfarer-style specs and general rock star vibe, and below, note his son's cycling cap - not baseball cap - and buttoned up shirt. Read about why Bradley is a cool mod here, and some good general rules for wearing cycling caps here (rule #22), here and here. Could this man become a style icon in the class of say, Beckham? Very possibly. And with sideburns like that and shaven legs, he's a shoe in to appear on the next Gillette ad campaign.

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